Online NLP Course

Online NLP Course

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Learn complete self-mastery with five jam-packed modules!  Each module contains simple, effective and proven techniques that you can start using straight away to create permanent and lasting change in yourself and help others. 

Module A:  Mastering Your Mindset 

  • Learn the blueprint of your mindset - how your mindset works, how it influences your thinking, feeling, decisions and behaviour. Finally understand you, and understand others. 
  • Learn a simple powerful technique to choose your response to situations, others and the world instead of reacting
  • Learn how your personality works, how it contains your greatest strengths but also how it is limiting you, and how to free yourself from those limitations
  • Learn how beliefs are formed, the simplicity of how to change self-limiting beliefs and permanently integrate new and empowering ones.    

Module B:  Mastering Your Emotions

  • Learn how the quality of your life is subject to the ups and downs of your mind-body-emotions, if you don’t know how use them effectively.
  • Discover how to permanently let go of any emotional struggle. 
  • Learn how to instantly access the emotions such as  confidence, motivation, calmness when they matter most.
  • Learn how to evoke and amplify resourceful emotions in yourself, individuals and teams, and how to get authentic engagement and enactment from others.
  • Learn how to permanently anchor resourceful emotions to specific situations so you can be and feel your best no matter who you are with or what you are doing. 
  • Learn how to completely change your relationship with time. Let go of anything that has happened in the past and dissolve any anxiety or stress about anything that might happen in the future.

Module C:  Mastering Your Relationships And Communication 

  • Learn how to gain instant rapport, relationship and interest from others.
  • Learn how to change your mind, and the minds of others with elegance and ease, not with conflict or argument. 
  • Learn how to develop deep connections with people, quickly and effectively
  • Learn the hidden preferences of others, how to detect the language and wording that has the highest influence with the people in your life.
  • Learn how to step into emotional freedom as you learn how to de-personalise any situation or conflict and see clearly.  

Module D:  Mastering Your Performance And Productivity

  • Learn how to discover your purpose, your highest values and intentions, what you are about as a human being, and how to uncover the same information with others.
  • Learn why most goals fail, how to set un-fail-able goals and get really clear about what you or anyone wants.
  • Learn how to amplify your motivation and confidence, and triple your productivity.
  • Learn how to decode the strategy and mindset behind anyone’s behaviour so that you can replicate excellence and get rid of disempowering habits like procrastination.  

Module E:  Mastering Your Fears And Phobias 

  • Learn what fears and phobias are
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how we come to have fears or phobias
  • Learn how to cure any extreme fear or phobia in 15 minutes – a technique successfully used by hundreds of our clients