High-Performance Sports Psychology Coaching for Coaches - Development in High Performance Sport

High-Performance Sports Psychology Coaching for Coaches - Development in High Performance Sport

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Are you serious about your career?

Leading Edge (premium) Mental Skills Program for High Performance Sports Coaches; that causes performance growth and development.

This program helps coaches create a winning mindset (That wins Olympic gold medals)

Group Coaching Overview

Group is limited to 9-people; $4950 incl GST per person

9 x 90-minute sessions over 18 weeks

1. Learning how to learn
- Overcoming Learning Biases
- Frames for learning
- Mental Models – The Map/Territory distinction
2. Understanding the role of personality in HPS
- Identity Compass
- Understanding Personality and Ego in HPS
- Cognitive Biases
3. Growth Mindset
- Fixed v Growth Mindset
- Fixed Mindset is where your thinking patterns are fixed/rigid
- Growth Mindset are where you have flexibility in your thinking patterns
- Identity Compass and practices
- Resilience and the Circle of Excellence
4. Healthy Sense of self
- Responsibility to/for
- Power Pattern
- Self-esteem v self confidence
- Unconditional esteem
5. Building healthy habits
- Habits take 120 days to cement
- Creating Intentionality and the intentionality pattern
- Positive intent, negative strategy (or secondary intent)
- Immunity to change
6. Motivation
- Intrinsic v extrinsic motivation
- Motivation is an inside job
- State Management 101
- Anchoring
7. Meaning Drives Performance
- Meaning Performance quadrants
- Vision and standards
- Translation into behaviours on-court/field
8. The role of Feedback and feed forward
- Feedback v Feed forward
- CW
- DW
9. High Performance techniques and practices
- Mental resilience - building and stacking a state resources anchor that creates
the mental/emotional resources required when under pressure. 
- Visualisation techniques - visualising parts of your game unfolding from a 1st
person perspective, and applying resource anchors in a timeline, so when you get
to that point in time, you have the resource available to you, that is appropriate
(winning, before you win).
- Breathing exercises - building physical resilience through breath work. Building
up the body from and acid to alkaline state through breathing exercises. This
enables less fatigue and more vitality when required.
- Cold therapy - the process of building mental fitness and physiological resilience.
- Mindfulness - the ability to become intentional about where you place your
attention. To intentionally practice focussing your attention in the present. In
other words, to be where you are, and pay attention to what is most important
now. Cold therapy helps with this.